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One is too small
of a number to achieve greatness

-John Maxwell




Infiltrate- Initiate-Advocate-Administrate


Giving to change the narrative of our community


The Flack Foundation is a new innovative Nonprofit Organization with intentions of changing the narrative of the communities in which we serve be it mind, body, and soul. The Flack Foundation was birthed by a father and son duo who have made it their calling and destiny to serve others. 


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Community hub for those that are in need in the Reidsville, NC area and within the Rockingham County area. 

Providing a community food pantry and referral sources for substance use and mental health disorder programs.

Direct link to medical care facilities within the area

Offering free medical and clinical health fairs

Offering Psychosocial behavioral classes monthly (free of charge)


Dr. Ron Flack, Jr. is one of our nation’s clearest voices. He possesses a distinct overtone that has been proven to educate, motivate, and empower audiences around the country. With over twelve years of substance abuse and leadership experience, he is the Chief Consultant of an innovative behavioral health firm, Unlimited Consulting. Being a natural born leader, with a niche for creating leaders greater than himself, he strives to not only be a leader but a continuous student of learning. While he has several certifications and degrees, including but not limited to, an International certification for alcohol and drug services, a National certification for alcohol and drug services, a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services, a master’s degree in Divinity, and a doctorate degree in Biblical Counseling, one of his greatest accomplishments has been his ability to meet, serve, and build relationships with families in need. In his 13 plus years of overseeing services of those struggling with Opioid Use Disorder, he’s served as the Vice President/Vice-Chair for the North Carolina Association for Treatment of Opioid Dependence. Along with serving in the said capacity, he takes pride in serving as a coalition member of The Coalition of North Carolina along with the North Carolina Substance Use Disorder Federation, both primary entities as representatives of North Carolina’s Substance Use Disorder service providers, mental health disorder service providers, prevention providers, as well as intellectual and developmental disability service providers, across the state. 


His focus in life is to impact, inspire, and impart as a means to change the narrative within our state and country of stigmas and barriers that may prevent treatment in any way. He maintains a focus to always present himself, not as an expert, but as a student that serves all and continues to learn. Dr. Ron lives by a team mantra spoken by John Maxwell that says, “One is too small of a number to achieve greatness.” He believes most of all that anyone lost or displaced, can be won, with the power of compassion. Dr. Ron is a devoted husband and father who continues to strive in making everyone better around him. 

Dr. Ron is committed to serving those who are in need for greater change within his community 




Ronald Flack was born in Reidsville North Carolina in the spring of 1961. Ronald was raised on a farm throughout his youth. At the age of 12, Ronald began to attend Smyrna church, where he was mentored by the great Bishop Preston Graves Sr. He attributes his time spent within the church community, while being mentored by the deacons and missionaries, for the foundation of which his spiritual life has been built. They established a solid foundation of which to build a life devoted to community health and betterment of care knowledge and access. Upon entering the work force, Ronald worked at a cotton mill factory before attending Rockingham Community College and obtained his associate degree in Nursing in 1991. This began his lifelong pursuit of academic accomplishments, as well as community health outreach. After obtaining licensure as a registered professional nurse in the State of North Carolina, Ronald began his career at Moses Cone Health Systems in Greensboro North Carolina. He has been with Moses Cone health systems for the entirety of his nursing career, through multiple job roles throughout administration and management. His educational accomplishments did not stop with his associate degree, he continued through the academic system, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Winston-Salem University in 2000, and in 2008 completes his Master’s in Health Administration from Pfeiffer University. With his academic, as well as professional accolades, Ronald continues to serve the community through community outreach programs such as providing group homes, Guilford County schools, and assisted living facilities with access to CPR and first aid education, and clinical medication administration. Ronald has one son, Bishop Ronald Flack Jr., who is described as a strong instrumental leader for the church and community, he is known internationally for his works.


Need a Hand, Give a Hand

If you're in need or able to help those in need. 

Contact us

(336) 613-4938

510 S. Tipton Place Reidsville, NC 27320

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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